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Lower Island News (LIN) is a bi-monthly democratic socialist newspaper published in Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city by the non-profit, Lower Island News Society.

Started in 1983, LIN is proud to say it’s now in its 32nd year of print operation and exuberantly still on going!

Due to requests from our growing readership, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve created an electronic LIN which can find here on this Blog with each edition.

Welcome to the Electronic Version of LIN, e:LIN!      


Please take advantage of comment-stream opportunities found on this site.  Feel free to just say hello and/or provide a news tip or coverage suggestion, in your area, at any time.

Please be assured that we will continue to be progressive left-of-centre on the political spectrum in these challenging times and amidst Big-Media-Monopoly which is all around us. You can count on us to bring to you excellent political and economic analysis of local, provincial, national and international issues affecting our communities and the well-being of others in the world.

Lower Island News believes in the importance of print publication.  LIN’s tradition has been the distribution/circulation to the Greater Victoria, Up Island, and to some extent the BC mainland.  This will continue.

In addition, to celebrate e-fans, a PDF of the current edition and back issues are now also available here. Moreover, we are developing several tags designed to enhance voices from abroad.




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