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Pictures of the fundraiser! On Saturday May 3rd at BCGEU auditorium, Lower island News celebrated 30 years in print and honoured long-time editor Dale Young


#LIN = #LowerIslandNews on Twitter

In Victoria – Coming May 3, 2014 – LIN Readers Raising Awareness for the Event

LIN Fundraiser – A LIN Celebration of 30 Years of Progressive Voices in the Lower Island News on Saturday May 3 Noon- 3 pm – BCGEU – 2994 Douglas Street – Lunch & Silent Auction, a few short speeches, l0ts of visiting time, Live Music: The Rabbleberries – Join us as we honour Dale Young’s 27 years serving LIN and 80th birthday.


Update: As of 2014, we’ve heard that Straight Goods has been bought up by Rabble. For decades it’s been that, we’ve recognized Straight Goods as a *Sister* publication and it could be found here: StraightGoods. An old interview (which also appeared as a republish in LIN) with the much-loved Denise Savoie, archived for posterity. LIN thanks Denise Savoie for your years of service! Anyone re-reading this interview doubtless will find Denise, always, right on the mark!


Quick link to Carole James LIN pre-election pre-full platform release interview- April 2o13, BC election 2013, Victoria-Beacon Hill seat

Quick link to Murray Rankin LIN interview, January 2013, federal by-election win, Victoria (formerly Denise Savoie’s seat)


Links to other progressive publications

Please see LIN back-page in each edition, e.g. Straight Goods, Saanich Online, The Tyee, Rabble

Saanich Voice Online (2012)

We thank them for sharing LIN on Facebook, the first to do do when social media became popular in the early days. If you Google Lower Island News on Facebook, you will see the post still appears!



You can read here Jack Layton’s A Message to New Democrats
#RIPJack is the hashtag to visit on twitter to hear sentiments from thousands of Canadians. From LIN, We love you Jack.

Tribute to Jack Layton

 Click here to hear the audio music clip  In addition, the poem below is a take-off from the lyrics, Raymond Lee sang in 1949 on that audio clip. An original recording! So yes it is scratchy.

By Tim Pheotist
(with apologies to John Masefield)
Oh yesterday the Tory blade drank thirstily and deep,
The bankers’ outlaws ringed us in and herded us as sheep,
They scared us from the polling booth and bayed us into keep.
They bayed us into keep.
But To-morrow,
With the NDP,
We’ll try the game again!
Oh yesterday our Canuck brand was ridden through and through,
Our swaying, tattered Maple Leaf, misused by Tory few
And on a Maytime afternoon they hunted us and slew;
They hunted us and slew.
But To-morrow,
With the NDP,
We’ll try the game again!
And now within the Halls of Power where Capital fire glowers red,
The wake-lights burn and light upon the Liberal disfigured dead,
And many a broken heart is here, and many a broken head ;
And many a broken head.
But To-morrow,
With the NDP,
We’ll try the game again!
And so it’s time to raise a glass to Jack our clever man
Whose cane outsmarted Harper’s crew and cut him yet again
It’s only Tory cowardice that meets our union cause,
That meets our union cause.

And To-morrow,
With the NDP,
We’ll fight the game again!

And Harper’s fear is all that lives within his Cabinet walls
And Layton’s army of MPs know well how Tories fall
So, solid is our watchword now as Jackie strikes our foes,
As Jack will strike our foes.

And To-morrow,
By the NDP
We’ll govern again, progressively.


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