Where to find paper LIN?

Posted January 2019 – Please note that as late 2018 LIN is no longer publishing a Print Edition. Please see Front Page of this blog for the details. For archive and memorabilia enthusiasts we are keeping the distribution list below. It’s not impossible that LIN will re-emerge in some new capacity in print in the future. For now, please stay connected electronically here on this site and on Twitter at @lowerislandnews and #LowerIslandNews

If there is an interest, writers can submit comments and blog posts.


Feb 2011 – First stop! – Downtown Victoria Central  library

LIN’s own box in the terrace area – look against the wall (outside the library) facing the door just to the right.

QVs Café in China Town
Fantastico,  Quadra Village
Wildfire Bakery at Quadra

Moka House (Cook St village)
Moka House Richmond (near Jubilee Hospital)
Hillside Coffee, opposite Hillside Mall

UVIC SUB building next to Cinecenta – just inside the door, to the right

UVSS qlgbt/old socialist club table or newsaper rack

The Market on Yates – next London Drugs on Yates

Pizza Place beside Odeon

The Street Box ( corner of Government/Yates)

Wildfire (Yates/Broad)

Serious Coffee (Blanchard/Fisgard)

Serious Coffee (Broad St., as you walk toward Bay Centre mall, downtown)

Westcoast Waffles

Government St./Store (in front of old Custom House building)

Thristy’s at Hillside Mall

Fairway Grocers at Cedar Hill X/Shelbourne

Lifestyles Market (near Speedy)

Bolen Books (occasionally)

They go fast but a few copies can occasionally be found at:

Murchies (a few copies)
Hemp & Company (upon request)

IOOF Douglas street hall (upon request)

Monterey Seniors centre, Oak Bay (upon request)

Western Communities locations

Colwood Library

Thrifty’s (Admiral’s Walk) currently some copies

Langford Goudy Library

If you can’t find a copy, don’t despair, go to @lowerislandnews on twitter and hashtag #LowerislandNews for LIN’s electronic copy e:LIN! and drop us a line here. 


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