December 2015

8 Dec

Welcome to the Lower island News!

Lower Island News, Volume 32 Issue #5 December 2015

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LIN FP December 2015 pic_



One Response to “December 2015”

  1. Barry Rolston March 21, 2016 at 12:29 pm #

    (2nd version, the original was sent before I was ready)
    The current edition of the Lower Island News (LIN) does a good job covering a number of topics, but its main purpose appears to be aimed at trying to topple Thom Mulcair due to the results of the recent election. That is a legitimate topic which should be addressed. However the LIN did not do that but instead, launched a witch hunt against him. Shame. It was not hard hitting, it was shallow and juvenile. As democratic socialists we believe in good hard debate, not a one sided smear.

    I expect better.

    Barry Rolston


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