New News about LIN

12 Apr

As of the April 4, 2022 Board of Directors AGM, the Lower Island News Society LIN is no longer in operation.

LIN newspaper historical record stands as 1984 to 2022… that’s not bad, not too shabby at all! 🦾

A heartfelt thank you from the board members to all of our loyal readers over the years.

Fun facts:

Since 2010, electronic LIN version e:LIN! was made available.

The archives of past Lower Island News editions dating back nearly 10 years will continue to be preserved.

Any comments or posts can be made submitted here.

LIN has been officially archived. Print Archives, Lower Island News, a Victoria-based Canadian news publication can be found at the University of Victoria.

Readers, please continue to support leftist publications such as the Tyee and MediaCoop among others of course and stay in touch!


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