New News about LIN

12 Apr

As of the April 4, 2022 at the Board of Directors AGM the Lower Island News Society is no longer in operation.

Printed Lower Island News LIN newspaper historical record stands at Year started: 1983 — Last published in Print: 2017

That’s not bad, not too shabby! 🦾

A heartfelt thank you from the board members to all of you, our loyal readers over the years.

Fun facts:

Since 2010, electronic LIN version e:LIN! has been available through this site.

The archives of past Lower Island News editions dating back more than 10 years will continue to be preserved.

Any comments or posts can be made submitted here on this site.

LIN Print Newspaper has been officially archived.

e:LIN! Back-Issues will remain online for your reading access (permanently) web admin/costs permitting.

Print Archives of original Lower Island News editions, a Victoria-based Canadian news publication, can be found at the University of Victoria.

The site will remain open. So, please continue checking in electronically and sharing your updates, thoughts and comments and support for left-of-centre publications, print history and news archiving. Follow The Tyee and MediaCoop among others of course continue to follow us! Stay in touch!


Posted January 2019 — Please note that as 2017~2018, LIN is no longer publishing a Print Edition. Please see Front Page of this blog for the details and the current updates.

For archive and memorabilia enthusiasts we’ve kept the distribution list on hand on one of the tabs on this site.

It’s not impossible that LIN will re-emerge in some new capacity in print in the future. For now, please stay connected electronically here on this site and on Twitter at @lowerislandnews and #LowerIslandNews If there is an interest, writers can submit comments and blog posts.


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